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29 marzo 2011

Review | RETRIBUTION FALLS (Chris Wooding)

Hi guys this is the first time we write a english review on Reader’s Bench.
For quite a while now, I started reading science fiction and fantasy books in english. So I said to me: “Let’s try!”.

The first book it’s “Retribution Falls” by Chris Wooding. I reed about this book a while ago, on Mad Hatter’s Review blog, and it captured my mind.

The story is set in a world with technology (that sometimes work with magic), but similar to a Victorian age. Most of travels are accomplished by airship, in a world that seems quite mountainous. So we see a lot of airships, like the Kitty Jay (the protagonist airship), or little aircrafts like the Skylance. The order is kept by the Archduke, strongly opposed by the Awakeners, a religious order founded by the last mad king.

From the first page, we are conquered by Captain Dorian Frey.
He is quite a character indeed, working as a pirate, smuggler, and sometimes also a thief.
Fray loves women, drinking liquor and Rake (a variation of poker, at the end of the book you can find the rules). With is love for money, he’ll be framed for the murder of the son of the Archduke, searching for a way to save his life and the Kitty Jay.
You’ll also love the other members of the crew, like Malvery the drunk doctor, or Crake the daemonist.

The book it’s not something very original, but it’s a tons of fun!!! From the first page you are pushed in a world full of pirates and smugglers, where the airship is more important of your crewmates life. You’ll find a lot of things that sounds familiar, but the skill of Chris Wooding is such that everything runs smoothly. The characters evolve during the story, making them, not only fun, but also deep.

“Retribution Falls” is ultimately a very good novel, that will make you laugh like crazy, leaving you with the desire to read more.

Edited by Davide

“Retribution Falls” by Chris Wooding, Pub Gollancz, 352 pagg, price 9,60 euro

Vote: 9 / 10